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SwahiliBox is an IT oasis. The ideal place for productive studying, backed by robust internet. The coastal breeze adds a serene touch, making learning a breeze itself.

Student, Techniocal University of Mombasa

SwahiliBox, a tech hub by Fort Jesus, empowers through meetups and networking. Suggested improvement of facilities like washrooms can enhance the conference experience.

Tech Blogger, Kenya

SwahiliBox: where art and innovation merge. Ocean breeze, historical charm of Fort Jesus, and local art create a unique space that nurtures both creativity and growth.

Graphic Designer, Nairobi, Kenya

Supporting Mombasa’s tech scene, SwahiliBox offers fast internet and accessibility. While cozy, it could benefit from a makeover to amplify the potential of its community.

Programmer, SwahiliBox

Techies’ haven, SwahiliBox offers a tranquil environment. Whether coding or attending events, its serene atmosphere fosters productivity and collaborative learning for tech enthusiasts.

Blue Economy Bussiness Lady, Mombasa, Kenya

SwahiliBox: Web developers’ paradise. Experts are eager to guide learners and aid tech projects. It’s more than a hub – it’s a nurturing tech family.

Innovator, Mount Kenya University
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